Introducing The HAWS Schallock Center For Animals

A generous gift entrusted by Mike and Jane Schallock, located at Star Hill Farm in Delafield, WI

Ways to Give

Envisioning their land to be “dedicated to the education of future generations in humane values and sentiments,” Mike and Jane Schallock entrusted the Humane Animal Welfare Society with their breathtaking 77 acre farm. Among the founding members of HAWS, the Schallocks recognized THE KEY TO GROWING A HUMANE COMMUNITY LIES IN YOUTH EDUCATION.

The HAWS Schallock Center for Animals will offer pet training programs, youth education, respite and sanctuary for pets and people in an innovative, natural setting.

Growing Our Humane Community

The HAWS Schallock Center for Animals is a truly unique destination for youth, families and pets across Wisconsin to learn, grow and find sanctuary alongside nature and animal healers.

Each year HAWS offers support and sanctuary to more than 8,000 pets. The HAWS Schallock Center for Animals has an enriching, peaceful environment to provide hospice care, exercise and respite to pets in need. HAWS is committed to introducing pets to their forever homes and ensuring a thriving relationship. Paramount to this equation is high-caliber training programs and enrichment activities. Expanding these opportunities at the Schallock Center will support meaningful lives for pets and their people for generations to come.

Each year HAWS engages more than 11,000 future leaders through humane, character- driven programming. Expanding on existing efforts to offer year-round STEAM opportunities to schools, particularly those with greater need, Schallock Center will encourage discovery in nature and foster compassion for animals. The ever-popular HAWS’ Kids ‘N Critters Day Camp will expand operations to the Schallock Center in 2021, increasing access to deserving youth and families.

Ways To Give

As we expand our mission and community impact to the HAWS Schallock Center for Animals, we invite you to join us and leave your mark in honoring the incredible gift of Mike and Jane Schallock.

Your generous gift will ensure the availability of youth education opportunities; animal behavior training and enrichment; and respite, sanctuary, care and compassion for all beings.

For more information, please contact Maggie Tate-Techtmann at [email protected]


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