As we close out our facility expansion campaign the natural question is “What are the next steps for HAWS?” 

The bricks and mortar expansion will consume quite a bit of time, but meanwhile we remain focused on the needs of our community’s animals. HAWS is much more than a building. We are committed to caring for animals by helping people care for animals; through collaborative efforts we will save as many animals as possible.


Education is, and always will be, a huge part of what we do. Education and commitment are the foundation for an entire culture of animal welfare advocates. Many of our original Kids ‘N Critters campers have graduated from college and are now taking the message of compassion forward into their homes, jobs and families. This is an exciting time for education as we see the fruits of our efforts.


Assistance offered through our Behavior Department, SNIP clinic and Animal Rescue Team will be enhanced. Additional training classes for cats and volunteer opportunities will be available in our Behavior Department. Our SNIP clinic will be able to assist more rescue groups and provide additional TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) services to further reduce cat overpopulation. The addition of GIS mapping software – and combined efforts of our Animal Rescue Team and SNIP clinic – will allow us to target specific cat breeding areas and concentrate our resources. This type of targeting also opens us up for competitive grant opportunities.


Some of the most exciting additions will take place in Adoption Services. More proactive programs for our “cat” people are being explored, including hospice foster caregivers, taming “tigers” (cats that are marginally feral), and barn cat placement for healthy, altered outdoor cats. We already have additional staff for dog behavior consults – a dedicated place for consults is coming!


We are more than a building…although the building helps! Thank you to all who have so generously given. HAWS’ future is bright!



Log on to HAWS’ Team page on and create your own fundraising page! It’s easy and ANYONE can do it – I did! Personalize your “ask” with pictures of your pets and your rRnR_SaveTheDateCardeason for rallying for HAWS – then post on Facebook and share on Twitter, even email to your family and friends and co-workers. Challenge friends and family and fellow pet fans to create their own pages…and guess who wins in the donation race? The paws and claws at HAWS!

Let your fingers do all the hard work and collect donations from your couch – while you save your walking for HAWS’ Romp ‘n Rally on May 7th!

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