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Volunteers_ClickThru_CURRENTVolsAs a non-profit organization, funding is always tight, and that is why volunteers play an important role. Volunteers allow us to offer high quality care to our animals while helping to contain costs.

Criteria to become a HAWS Volunteer:

  • Must be available to volunteer a minimum of three, 1-hour shifts per month and have the ability to volunteer for at least 6 months.
  • Kids must be at least age 13; 13-15 year olds must partner with a parent or guardian. (An exception is Critter Club which has volunteering as part of the program. This is a program for middle school students.)
  • 16-17 year olds may volunteer independently with parental consent

To find opportunities for children younger than age 13 – or to volunteer without a parent – please check out our Humane Education page!


How can I make a difference for HAWS?!

There are many different volunteer positions at HAWS. Some involve direct interaction with the animals at the shelter, while others include administrative or special event assistance. Please look through the Volunteer Opportunities Directory below to see what might be of interest to you – simply click on the job title for details.

Looking for student service opportunities, youth or adult court-mandated service opportunities, or opportunities for children younger than 13 years of age? Please continue scrolling…



The Friends of HAWS

HAWS special fundraising group, the Friends of HAWS, is always looking for new members. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month, at 7:00pm at our shelter. No need to pre-register – just show up for a meeting!

Special Event Planning and Committees

Annual activities, such as HAWS’ fall fundraiser, Kitten Shower, Pet Fair and Ride for Rover require an entire army of planners and “doers” to make these events a success! Please click on the links to the dedicated event pages to learn more about them, or contact HAWS’ special events staff directly.

  • HAWS’ fall fundraiser – contact Jessica Pinkos at [email protected] or 262-542-8851, x112
  • HAWS’ Special Events – contact Special Events Coordinator Nichole Janny at [email protected] or 262-542-8851, x106

Foster Care Givers

Foster caregivers are needed for those animals that are too young for adoption, in need of specialized medical treatment, or have behavior issues best addressed in a home setting. You provide the love, HAWS will provide everything else – including training and supplies.

Please read the HAWS Foster Care Manual for details on the various duties and responsibilities expected of HAWS’ foster homes.

Then, complete a HAWS Foster Caregiver Application and HAWS Foster Caregiver Agreement to become an official HAWS foster home!


How do I become a HAWS volunteer?

To begin your volunteer experience, please fill out our online Volunteer Application. Upon approval of your application you will be invited to a Volunteer Information Session, where you’ll learn more about HAWS as an organization and the role of our volunteers. You will also be given information on the various training sessions available for your specific area(s) of interest.

We look forward to meeting you!

HAWS Volunteer Application


Volunteering for Students – Program and Service Requirements

HAWS has several volunteering opportunities for high school students. Students aged 16 years and older may volunteer independently, but must have parental consent.

READ THIS FIRST! Before completing the Student Volunteer Application and the Parental Consent Form, please download this PDF letter that explains the Student Volunteer Program.

Once you have read and understand the Program, please complete and submit the following:


Youth Court-Mandated Service

The “Citizen Project” is HAWS’ program for students, ages 14-19 years, who are required to complete volunteer service as mandated by a court order.

READ THIS FIRST! Before completing the application for the Citizen Project, please download and read the Citizen Project Handbook.

Once you have read and understand how the Citizen Project works, please complete and submit the following:


Adult Court-Mandated Service

Adults needing volunteer hours for court-mandated community service should contact Mark Hess at 262-542-8851, x108 or [email protected].




Can’t find what you’re looking for? Do you have additional questions about HAWS’ volunteer opportunities?

Please contact HAWS’ Volunteer Coordinator Sara by emailing [email protected] or by calling 262-542-8851, x120.

Thank you!

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