The MOD Squad Works!


Amy Siewert featured The Mod Squad Program in February 2013 M Magazine. Read the article below.

​A volunteer-driven, behavior modification program for dogs in an animal shelter: Innovative concept or frustrating folly? We decided it would be innovative, and that it would change the course of events for all the animals it touched. Little did we know it would also change the volunteers who staffed it, the department which oversaw it, and the shelter of which it has become such an integral part. Its effect has been nothing short of transformative.

Because of its complexity, behavioral rehabilitation is a specialty area requiring unique resources; for example, trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians. Unfortunately the cost of employing such professionals can be prohibitive. A volunteer-driven program can significantly reduce these costs, while providing the needed in-house resources to accomplish significant behavioral intervention.

Our experience at HAWS has supported that a volunteer-driven behavior modification and training program can significantly improve outcomes for the dogs in our shelter. 90% of dogs enrolled in the Mod Squad™ program have been adopted since the program’s inception in December, 2009 – over 1,000 dogs! Only 5% of those dogs have been returned to the shelter. Perhaps most importantly, the euthanasia rate for Mod Squad™ program dogs is significantly lower than the rate for the overall shelter population. It works!

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