To our volunteers, donors, staff and all in the HAWS Family:

I’m not sure you realize how special you are.

In our February newsletter, we talked about “Being that Special Someone.” But YOU already are. For us to move forward into a no-kill community, it will take many “Special Someones” to get us there.

What is a no-kill community? This is a community where all treatable, manageable and trainable animals are placed in loving homes. Where Annie’s Fund allows us to address medical concerns, we will not continue the suffering of an animal with a degenerative, progressive and painful condition. Our Behavior Department’s MOD SQUAD works to modify difficult behaviors. We will not place a dangerous, unsafe animal up for adoption who, with training intervention and behavior modification, fails to progress.

We have met the no-kill criteria with dogs and with small animals. We are also making huge strides with our cat populations thanks to abundant foster homes, volunteers who help them to stay social and with the spay/neuter surgeries done by Project Guardian in our SNIP clinic. You will see expanded TNR services, a barn cat program and an additional push for foster care families in the upcoming months.

For us to maintain our open admission policy, and attain full no-kill status, will take a community effort. Thank you for your dedication to our community’s animals. Together, we can build a no-kill community.

Thank you for being that Special Someone!
– Lynn and the HAWS’ Staff


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