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Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet Program – Do you want a pet for your classroom but don’t want to worry about what to do with it once the time in your classroom is over? Temporarily foster an adoptable HAWS animal!


​We run tours on weekdays, starting at noon with the last tour beginning at 4:30pm. Tours last about an hour, and include a discussion about what HAWS does for animals and the community, researching a pet before you bring it home and what it means to be a responsible pet owner. After the tour, 15 minutes is reserved for meeting and learning about some of the adoptable pets at HAWS.

Due to space and staff limitations we can only accommodate up to 40 children per visit. 

Programs in Your Classroom! ​​

​We come to you with or without an animal — just let us know what you would prefer. We have a variety of age appropriate topics tailored for students in Preschool through High School, and activities that will be engaging for your students! If you are interested in a presentation on a topic not listed, we may be able to tailor a program for you.  (We limit our visits to schools and organizations located in Waukesha County only.)


  • Pet Care
  • Animal Safety
  • Careers in Animals
  • Story Time – we have a variety of animal themed books with messages that fit into our educational mission. Let us bring a story and an animal on our visit!

1st Grade through 3rd Grade

  • Pet Care
  • Animal Safety
  • Careers in Animals
  • Dog Training
  • HAWS information talk
  • “Fostering Empathy” activity which discusses emotions and feelings of both humans and animals


3rd Grade through 5th Grade

No More Bullying!

You might wonder why an animal shelter would care to prevent bullying in our schools. Many studies show that people who mistreat animals are more likely to bully their peers and later become violent towards others.   

The Humane Animal Welfare Society would love to work with the students in your 3rd, 4th and/or 5th grade classrooms to present this program and teach children a way that prevents them from practicing bullying.

This program consists of five visits to a classroom for an hour each visit.  The program teaches children core values such as respect, self-control, responsibility and compassion, and are encouraged to practice those values so they become ingrained in their character. Additionally, incorporating a visit from a dog with these lessons helps to keep students attention, and adds an incentive to practice each week’s lesson. 

Because we received a grant to cover the cost of the No More Bullying program, we are able to offer the program, including the materials at no charge to your school. 

HAWS is very excited about the opportunity to work with area schools, and hope you are interested in hearing more about the program, or getting started with scheduling our visits.  Please contact Khris Erickson at 262-542-8851 x118 for additional information.

Watch as HAWS staff members discuss the No More Bullying program!


4th Grade through 6th Grade

  • Animal Safety
  • Dog Training
  • HAWS information talk
  • “Fostering Empathy” activity which discusses emotions and feelings of both humans and animals
  • “Before You Get Your Pet” activity which teaches children to make an informed decision by emphasizing research
  • The Canine History of Domestication

6th Grade through 12th Grade

  • Dog Training and how it relates to Skinnerian Learning Theory
  • HAWS Information Talk
  • Exploring Careers with Animals
  • The Health Benefits of Animals
  • ​The Canine History of Domestication
  • Scientific Research on Canine Cognition​
  • Veterinary Science Initiative (VSI) – a multi Lesson Plan program which concludes with a 1/2 day field trip to HAWS

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