Spring has arrived…and with it, an increase in the number of stray pets!

One of the most important tools for getting your dog returned to you if it is lost only costs between $3-$10.  Simple and affordable, an ID tag should be part of every dog’s wardrobe!

· If your dog is friendly and can be handled, a member of the public can check the tag and call you directly.

· List alternate phone numbers in case you are unavailable! But be sure to let the people you list know you have listed them…) One phone number isn’t enough: Tags have 2 sides,  you can list more phone numbers on the back.

· Your pet can also be traced by their rabies tag information and/or dog license. Having separate rings for these tags, in case one fails, is also a good idea.

· Writing your primary phone number directly on their collar with a laundry/Sharpie marker can help.

· A microchip, which can be scanned at most vet clinics and shelters, is important for permanent ID. However, chips are only as good as the accuracy of the information provided to the registration company, so be sure to keep you information current! As there is a greater lag time then simply checking a tag and making a direct call, relying on only a chip can cause unneeded stress and delays for all involved.

· Lost Dogs of Wisconsin/Illinois are very successful at reuniting lost pets and have a tremendous online/Facebook reach. Notifying them, as well as local police AND area shelters helps. Use social media to your advantage and post, post, POST!

Even the most diligent owners lose their pets!  These are some ideas to help get you reunited as soon as possible.

(And don’t forget to let HAWS know about your lost pet, too! Give our Animal Rescue Team a call at 262-542-8851 and also fill out our online Lost Pet form!)

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