Specialty Camp Descriptions

Art Camp
Ages 7-10 years​

This is THE camp for the animal-loving artist in your house.

The morning will be spent doing volunteer work, learning about and meeting HAWS adoptables, playing games and activities to teach campers about animals and animal sheltering issues.

Each afternoon will be spent with Kristin Gjerdset, Associate Professor of Art at Wisconsin Lutheran College. An amazing artist and fantastic instructor, Kristin will work with the campers on sketches and paintings of animals. Kristin is fantastic with children and with her help and encouragement can bring out the inner artist in children no matter what their skill level.

Camp Gone to the Dogs
Ages 10-14 years​

Do you have dog loving kids in your house? They will love this camp!

This camp will be limited to 15 kids. Each camper will be placed in a group of three, and each group will be assigned a HAWS adoptable dog for a week.

The majority of the time the camper is at HAWS will be spent with their dog – caring for, walking, grooming and training. Campers will be responsible to ensure that their dog’s kennel is clean and that their dog has food, water and clean/comfortable bedding.

Additionally campers will learn about dog behavior, what to think about before you get a dog, different activities people can do with their dogs, training and much more.

While dogs will be the main focus of this camp, we can’t forget about the other species in the building. Campers will have an opportunity to meet many of our felines, rabbits and other animals.

Horseback Riding Field Trip Camp
Ages 7-14 years
Most of the week will be the same type of camp as our regular camps – plenty of time spent with
adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals that we have on site while camp is being
run. We’ll have the kids do some volunteer work, train dogs and cats, learn about animals, and play

On Wednesday of that week we’ll visit Knollwood Farm in Hartland, WI. There they’ll get a hands-on
learning experience grooming horses – picking the hooves and brushing, and also learn how to put on
tack. They’ll also get a one hour riding lesson from one of Knollwood’s trainers.

Science with the Animals
Ages 10-14 years

This is an exciting age as researchers work to learn what animals are capable of learning, inferring and responding to the world around them.  Campers will learn about some of this research  and do some of their own research.  How long does it take for a rodent to run through a maze for cheese vs a sunflower seed?  Does a dog respond to a hand signal or a word better when asked to sit or lie down?

They’ll also learn about areas of animal science in different disciplines such as veterinary medicine, wildlife biology, and how animals learn.

It won’t all be data keeping, however.  Campers will have plenty of opportunities to play with kittens, walk dogs and hang out with our small animals.

Shutterbug Camp
Ages 10-14 years​

This is THE camp for the animal loving, camera slinging kid in your house.

Campers will learn how to make the most out of composition, point of view and lighting. They’ll learn the difference between posed shots vs. candid shots. The subjects will be their fellow campers, and, of course, the animals at HAWS.

A photographic album of the week will be created with each camper being allowed to choose and display their photographs on their own page of the book. The album will be printed and sent to your home a few weeks after the camp session.

Campers are encouraged to bring digital cameras to camp with them. If your family doesn’t have a digital camera, HAWS will have some loaners available for their use.

Leadership Camp
Ages 10-14 years​

The week long camp will expose campers to a variety of activities, centered around the humane treatment of people and animals and positive communication styles. Leaders pulled from HAWS successful, energetic network of animal professionals, will be working side by side with the campers in a variety of activities and projects.

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