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Rescue Tails Blog

Mark the Mouse!

I was looking online at the HAWS' adoptables site. I made a trip in just check the place out. I saw several mice, rats and others, I saw Mark's information card stating that he had been at HAWS since 1/9/16. He must have come there when he was only 2 months old! I...

The Princess and the Sweetie Pie

I adopted Pebbles, now Charlotte, about 2 years ago. Then in February I adopted Cotton, now Fez. They are the best of friends! Charlotte is my princess in every way and Fez is my crazy sweetie pie! They bring so much happiness to our lives! ♡ Brenda Robertson,...


We adopted Bear from HAWS back in March and he was love at first sight. I'm so happy we were able to adopt him, he's been a great light and gives us so much love. We've worked through his extreme separation anxiety and he gives us cuddles and his smile everyday....

Paco Adopts a Sister

Brian, I and Paco our Chihauhaua adopted Beadie, aka Fleetwood, from HAWS in March. She came up all the way from Alabama. She and Paco are the best of buddies. She loves playing in the big dog park, chasing squirrels and running in 5ks with Paco and me.

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