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If you see someone hurting an animal or if you know of someone whose animal looks sick, injured or deprived of adequate food, water or shelter, call a Waukesha County Humane Officer at 262-896-8300 and report it during their hours of 8am to 4:30pm.   If it’s an emergency you can call your local police department.

You should also contact us if you see a stray or injured animal.


We want to know!

Unlike most crime victims, animals can’t talk or seek help themselves. They depend on YOU to stop their suffering and if you don’t help them, who will?

It is understood that you respect your neighbor’s privacy and may not want to see his pet taken away. After you call the office of Waukesha County’s Humane Officers, their first priority will be to try to educate your neighbor about how to comply with local animal care laws. We realize that when you witness cruelty, you may be afraid to get involved. Please know that all reports are kept confidential.

To report a case of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, call 262-896-8330 and ask for the Humane Officer. The Humane Officers are employees of Waukesha County, and there is no affiliation between the county and HAWS. HAWS provides assistance to the Humane Officers, such as temporary kenneling of animals, upon request.

Although HAWS does not have the authority to investigate cruelty complaints, we encourage the citizens of Waukesha County to report cases of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, so that our community is safer for everyone. Complaints received by HAWS are forwarded to the Waukesha County Humane Officers.

HAWS is proud to work with Waukesha County’s Humane Officers. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Sheriff’s dispatch center to assist with the following:

  • Animal abuse and neglect investigations
  • Emergency assistance to law enforcement agencies
  • County-wide rabies controlhumanpatch_sm_118x147
  • Humane Animal education

The following animal control issues are NOT provided by County Humane Officers:

  • Reports of barking dogs
  • Stray animals running at large
  • Wildlife or domestic animal nuisance issues

Local municipalities are responsible for providing animal control services and taking care of the issues listed above. Many Waukesha County municipalities contract with HAWS for animal control, while others request that you call your local police. Please click here for a listing of local municipalities and pet-related information.

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