It has been an eventful summer season for HAWS! Dogs, cats and small animals are finding their way to loving homes. Our community support of adoptions has been tremendous. We are busy in the field with wildlife and strays. Kids ‘N Critters Summer Camp has kept us hopping!

All summer long, we run from sporting events to BBQs to swimming pools. Soon it will be the start of the school year, followed by fall and rolling right into the holidays. Before we know it, 2020 will be here. Thankfully, pets have a way of putting all things back into perspective, slowing us down and refocusing our activity. In a hectic, fast paced world, our connection to animals has never been needed more.

Animals allow us to express positive emotions, relieve stress and show the kinder, compassionate side of our personality. The companionship they offer provides so much – a chance to unwind, an opportunity to exercise. They even offer social engagement as they encourage conversation with those we meet. Feeling stressed? Walk. Feeling lonely, walk with a dog. Need a break? Cuddle your cat. Require inspiration? Watch kittens play or a ferret romp.

Each animal is unique, each should be cherished in its own way, for just who it is or as a legend for who it was.

Thanks to my menagerie for joining me on the porch to star gaze at 2am. Those peaceful moments of reflection rejuvenate me and get me ready for the next day. Without them, I fear I would stay wrapped in a web of activity that would hinder both productivity and dreams. From Malaki’s juvenile antics to Siska’s quiet, calm presence, my current pets run the gamut of energy and enthusiasm. In days past there was Moses the horse who complied just enough for me to think I was in control, Squeak the cat who was certain she was a dog, and the odd relationship between Moskey the husky and Virgil the tortoise. These animals touched my life, taught important life lessons and offered my mind a respite from the daily grind.

Think back on those cherished companions you have loved and take a moment to enjoy and pet those you currently have.

And, as always: “Remember, it’s all about the animals.

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