This story was originally posted as part of HAWS’ Monday Mailbag/Tribute Tuesday on our Facebook page. Animals often impact our lives in ways far beyond their knowing – thank you for sharing yours and Misty’s story, Colleen!

HAWS blessed us with our Misty girl. Unfortunately, she was with us only a short time.

I remember vividly how depressed she was when we saw her because her sister had been adopted before her and she was alone. I don’t think anyone wanted a 85lb. dog. She was the only large dog at the time. My heart just broke when I saw her and I couldn’t get her to pick up her head to say hello. When we took her into the “meeting” room, she just laid. Again no affect. From that point on, she was meant to be ours: I promised her I would be back the next day to get her and when I left, she didn’t even look at me. That was the longest 24 hours I ever spent!

2016_2-22_MistyBut when we came back the next day and I came around the corner and she saw me, it was as if she remembered what I told her. Where the day before there was nothing, this day she jumped all over the place and barked like crazy. She had been given a bath in the morning and was a big fluff ball (and I mean big)! She hopped into the car and I don’t think she ever looked back.
We have a home in the north woods on a lake and that was her favorite place to be. She was an excellent car-rider and when she saw the car getting packed, she knew where she was going. She wasn’t much of a water-dog, but I remember on hot days, she would walk into the lake far enough to get her tummy wet and cool down. She loved to lay in the sand on the hill above the lake and just scan her territory. She loved to catch a scent on the summer breeze and in the fall, would lay herself down in a pile of autumn leaves. She also loved the winter and the snow, and would lay on the deck in the wintertime in the snow and ice for a couple of hours before we went to work (another of her favorite places.

But Misty was her own girl. She often had that far away look in her eyes, especially coming back from walks. She would stop at a corner and look in the opposite direction of home. She would just stand and look and sniff. I often thought she was still looking for her sister or maybe her previous owner.

She was the most gentle sweet girl. People were leery of her because of her size, and she did look a bit foreboding at times but it was in looks only. I remember the day we took her with us to visit our mom in an independent living center. There was a much older lady sitting in a chair and when she saw Misty, she got excited. Misty walked over to her and put her face in hers. The woman took Misty’s face in both her hands and pulled her huge head into her lap and put her face into Misty’s. This was not too long after we adopted her and I was even a bit apprehensive not knowing what she might do. She just stood there and let the woman pet her. It was a sight to behold, this much elderly white-haired woman and huge Misty. After that Misty made many trips to the nursing home.

As I said, HAWS blessed us but as you can see, Misty blessed us with so much, too. Thank you.
– Colleen S.


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