It is with sadness that I write of the passing of Wayne Williams. Wayne was an accountant and HAWS’ Board member, but more importantly he was instrumental in starting our endowment account, which has had a remarkable impact on HAWS’ financial health and long range planning ability.
Wayne acted as a guardian of our funds and remained active, reviewing our financials for most of the years HAWS has been in existence. I learned quite a lot about financials, vision and investment from him – but I believe his lessons did not stop there. Wayne was a man of principles and integrity. When he believed in something, he was steadfast to the cause. He stood his ground, asked pointed questions and always researched the facts. Always the professional, he said what needed to be said with dignity.
We are losing members of the Greatest Generation too quickly now. These souls were leaders, stepping up when needed, offering of their time and talents where they could. The limelight was not important; progress for the cause was what mattered.
Wayne, we looked for you at this year’s annual meeting, and had your copy of the financials ready. You will be missed.
Lynn Olenik

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