Manners Proofing

The training your dog receives needs to “work” in many different and distracting situations. “Manners Proofing” helps the dog learn that skills such as sit and come are as doable at the dog park as they are in the kitchen or classroom. We ask the dog for longer periods of focus with the handler at a distance, and with high levels of distraction. You’ll be surprised and, we hope, delighted by the creativity of our instructors to challenge your training skills!

Maximum class size: 4 dogs

​​Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Manners – Level 1 AND Level 2, OR equivalent (not puppy classes), OR approval of instructor.

Front-clip harness required for class.
Cost: $100 for 6 week class, $127 for 6 week class and front-clip harness.​​​

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