As we leave the previous year behind – and work to get all of our current programs functioning to their fullest capacity – we have our eye on our future. Some key things stand out.

Education on humane values has never been needed more in our society. Empathy, compassion, nurturing, parenting skills, team work and positive communication are all things we can teach and reinforce with animals as our guides. Offering more youth opportunities for hands-on animal interactions can reduce stress and improve self-esteem. We also hope to reach those youngsters who are lacking in empathy and compassion as early in life as possible, through even more programs in and out of the shelter.

We will be helping our community’s animals by improving their safety net. We are exploring a pet food donation program, transportation for pets to their veterinarians, even bringing basic medical care to those that do not have pet-friendly transportation options. Working with our community partners we will engage in training to help people prepare for crises, both small and large.

These initiatives, along with our current education programs, dog training opportunities, SNIP/ veterinary clinic, animal rescue services and, of course, adoption services, will keep us busy! HAWS has a bright future ahead of us.

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