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HAWS’ Wish List contains things we use on a daily basis to keep our shelter running smoothly. The Featured Needs section below will change when we have an urgent need, and items will be removed when we have an adequate supply.

You can download a complete list here:   2019_HAWS_Wish_List


Letting your fingers to the shopping?

HAWS has created our very own WISH LIST on Amazon.com  so you can let your fingers do the shopping. This contains some of our most frequently used items – and we’ll update it regularly. And be sure to use www.smile.amazon.com – HAWS receives a donation for your purchase through the Amazon Smiles program!

Since some of these items are “special” to the various areas of HAWS, please let our staff know which department your donation is for!



It’s Kitten Season – time to raise the necessary dollars and collect the needed supplies for the hundreds of kittens that will come to HAWS in 2019! Check HAWS link to our Amazon Wish List for easy ways to purchase/send items, or log on to our Facebook fundraiser to make an easy online donation! Thanks from all the tiny kitten paws at HAWS.



If you use Amazon or another mail-order company to purchase supplies for HAWS, save yourself the travel and have it shipped directly to the shelter!
Not that we don’t want to see you – sometimes a donation drop is a great excuse to stop by…so we’re all for that, too 😉


Attn: Supply Donation

701 Northview Road
Waukesha, WI 53188


Cat items Cat litter – UNSCENTED ONLY, clumping or non-clumping; KMR Kitten formula/kitten nursery supplies; canned Cat Food, grain free preferred

Dog items – Slip leads, 4-6 ft. length

Distilled water

1-2 Can openers

Cleaning products – Q-tips, Cotton Balls, Clorox Wipes, Dish Soap, Magic Erasers, Band Aids

Peanut Butter – natural, not containing xylitol please!

Dog/Puppy Supplies

  • Soft dog treats – Zuke’s, Pupperoni (Please no Beggin’ Strips or other bacon shaped treats)
  • Canned dog food – grain-free preferred
  • Canned puppy food – Iams/Nutro preferred, grain-free preferred
  • Limited slip/Martingale collars

Cats / Kittens

  • Heating pads (without auto shutoff)
  • Snuggle Safe microwaveable heating pad (Amazon.com)
  • Dry kitten food
  • Grain-free canned cat AND kitten food
  • Cat toys (glitter balls, plush balls)
  • Scratching posts (stretchandscratch.com)

Behavior / Training

  • Painter’s tape
  • Pig’s ears
  • Hot dogs – all beef/turkey
  • String cheese
  • “Happy Howie” meat rolls (available at End of the Leash)
  • Baskerville Basket Muzzles (any size)
  • Slip leads (4-6 ft.)

Small Animal Ward

  • Grass hay – Timothy/Orchard/Meadow
  • Paper-based bedding/litter – Carefresh, Yesterday’s News
  • Aspen bedding or kiln-dried pine (no regular pine or cedar, please)
  • Woodstove pellets
  • Oxbow brand foods – Bunny Basics T, Regal Rat, Cavy Cuisine, hamster/gerbil
  • Rat/mouse solid block food
  • Wood House Timber Hideaway or Woodland Getaways – medium/large
  • Fresh leafy green veggies – parsley/cilantro/lettuce (no iceberg, please)

Education Department

  • Animal Sticker Sheets/Rolls
  • Crayola Model Magic
  • Paper towel – rolls
  • Kleenex
  • Plastic Forks

General Supplies – Cleaning/Kennel/Office

  • Distilled water
  • White AND colored copy paper
  • White-out correction tape
  • Stamps – “Forever” stamps preferred
  • Bleach, dryer sheets
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex
  • 6″ white paper plates (please no styrofoam!)
  • Windex
  • Scrub Sponges (Scotch Brite variety)
  • Zip-lock sandwich bags
  • Zip-lock snack bags
  • Wax paper

We realize that many of the things we desperately need are not always the “fun” things, but they are truly important items! Things like soap and bleach are always needed to keep the animals healthy, and adoptions can’t happen without paper for the adoption records and certificates.

Interested in a baking project for HAWS? Download this recipe for Salmon Treats – our canine residents will love them!

In light of the many recent pet food/treat recalls, we respectfully request donations to HAWS do not contain “imported” ingredients or be made in China. Thank you for understanding as we try to keep our shelter animals safe!

Do you have a school class or group that would like to do a supply drive? Or maybe you have particular items you can secure for us? Feel free to call us at 262-542-8851 if you have any questions about our needs. We will be happy to give more detailed information – and discuss how we can work together for the animals. We’ll even post pictures of your group in action on our Facebook page, here on our website and in our quarterly Tattle Tails newsletter.

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General donations help us provide shelter 24/7 365 for lost, abandoned, unwanted or stray companion pets.
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