What is the Symposium Series?

HAWS’ Behavior Department wants to share the growing body of knowledge about companion animals. There’s so much to learn, and when we know more about our dogs’ and cats’ lives, and how to satisfy their needs, it’s a way to deepen our relationship with them.

The Symposium Series is designed to explore topics of general interest in a very visual and interactive way. Most presentations are 2 hours long, with plenty of time for questions. You’ll have fun learning in this environment, and you’ll leave with information you can immediately use when you get home. The Series will rotate a limited number of topics and offer them at different times, so if one presentation doesn’t fit your schedule, another one will.



TTouch for Little Critters   Saturday, November 21st – 1:00 pm

For adults and children (must be accompanied by an adult), Tellington TTouch™ is a series of simple, tactile techniques using lifting, sliding and circular movements on an animal’s body. These movements, which look like massage but feel quite different, promote positive changes in physical and emotional states which can lead to more balanced and social behavior. It also makes your little critter feel really good!

Session Fee: $15. Adults, $7. Children, plus $5. Materials fee.

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TTouch for Dogs ** Next Session Spring 2016**

Resolve behavior and performance issues, enhance the relationship you share with your companion animal, and create a sense of well-being with Tellington TTouch Bodywork. Simple and easy to learn, TTouch Bodywork is done with gentle circular, sliding and lifting movements of the hands. These movements, which activate balanced brain wave patterns (the “Awakened Mind” state) and reduce levels of stress hormones, promote whole-brain learning, activate unused neural pathways, and work on a cellular level to help animals release dysfunctional emotional states and movement patterns. Tellington TTouch Bodywork is used in veterinary practice to promote healing and rehabilitation.

The Bodywork component of Tellington TTouch also covers body wraps. Wraps apply the concept of maintained pressure to stimulate the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, decreasing reactivity and promoting calmer behavior and emotional state. Wraps also help support a body into a more symmetrical form, which may result in more balanced and functional movement.

Cost: $50.


Cat Behavior **Under Development**
Our cat behavior specialist will lead a discussion of normal and problem behavior. Live cats will help demonstrate socialization techniques, crate training, handling and grooming tips, encouraging appropriate play and scratching, preventing litter box issues, diet and feeding guidelines, and clicker training for your cat.

What’s the schedule, and how do I register?

Click on our Calendar of Events to find the event you’d like to attend, then register using our Online Registration Forms.



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