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Fees and Pricing

Front-clip harnesses are required for dogs in our classes. (We use the Freedom No-Pull brand.) If you already own a front-clip harness, the price for your class or package is in the “Client Owns Harness” column. If you need a harness, your price is in the “Client Needs Harness” column.

We will fit your dog for a harness on the first day of class, or you may stop in any time prior to the class to have your dog fitted with a harness.

We require payment at time of registration. Advance Registration if required for all classes including Puppy Parties.

Class times and dates are subject to change at any time. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Vaccinations: Please fax or mail your dog’s vaccination certificate for rabies, bordetella and DHLPP to the attention of the Training Class Administrator at the time of registration.

Fax: 262-542-8853​​
Mail: PO Box 834, Waukesha, WI 53187-0834

​Cancellation/Refund Policy • All refunds subject to a $10 processing fee. • Freedom No-Pull Harnesses are returnable within 30 days,in “like new” condition and accompanied by receipt.


Enrollment cancelled prior to class start: Refund will consist of class ​fee less processing fee. Will​ refund cost of harness if ​not picked up or if returned in excellent condition.

Enrollment cancelled prior to second session of class: Refund will consist of class fee less ​processing fee and no refund for harness.

Enrollment cancelled after second session of class: No refund.

If you are unable to make it to your scheduled class, we will be happy to reschedule you into another class, or provide a refund less a $10 administrative fee if you choose not to reschedule. If you do reschedule to another class and are unable to attend this class for any reason, we will be unable to reschedule to a third class and no tuition refund will be given.

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