On these hazy, still-chilly, damp early spring days, cheerfully hopping out of bed is hard. Those of us with pets know that lounging will bring our cats, meowing for breakfast, or our dogs, asking to go out. Most of our pets have a routine they don’t like to break – especially if it involves breakfast! Being greeted with a wag certainly makes getting up easier.
Research on pets and wellness shows they lower heart rates, encourage activity and ward off loneliness. With a sense of responsibility that accompanies pet ownership, we give of ourselves daily to our animals. Psychologists agree that service to others (2- or 4-legged), along with exercise, can reduce depression.
HAWS has some great ways to get your endorphin fix!

Join our Romp ‘n Rally on May 5th! Activities run throughout the day for you and your dog. Enjoy good food, camaraderie, beautiful trails and even an early morning 5K fun run – Paws for a Cause! This year, the Romp features a special reunion: due to hurricanes, floods and wildfires, HAWS has welcomed dogs from many places in addition to Wisconsin, like Alabama, California, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma! Meet up with others who share your experiences, reunite with HAWS alumni or make NEW friends.
Take one of our Manners classes or Loose Leash Walking. One-on-one consultations offered by our Behavior Department help you enjoy a walk with your best pup friend. No pet at home right now? Consider volunteering or attend an event! Join us at the Kitten Shower in June, Pet Fair in August, or at one of our many Mobile Adoption stops. Is it a high stress time for your business? HAWS can bring pets over for a visit to cheer up your staff – contact Dana to “Pause/Paws with HAWS” at [email protected].

At HAWS, we know that both you – and our shelter animals – will benefit! Bring on Spring!

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