Life Skills For Puppies


HAWS Dog and Puppy Training in Waukesha

Our Life Skills for Puppies class is focused on play, fun, socialization and learning. The 6-week class for puppies, ages 8 to 16 weeks, uses the Playground of Higher Learning to provide a unique learning experience for pups and owners alike. The majority of the class is taught off-leash. Puppies learn basic manners such as sit, down and come, in addition to navigating various pieces of brightly colored puppy playground equipment, in which they learn physical balance and coordination. Controlled play times with time-outs help pups learn appropriate social behavior. The fun and lively setting sets the stage for confident puppies that grow into confident and better-behaved dogs. If you’re looking for some basic manners classes while having fun with your pup, HAWS dog and puppy training in Waukesha is your first step!

Maximum class size: 8 puppies​

Front-clip harness required for class.
Cost: $100 for 6 week class, $127 for 6 week class and front-clip harness.​​​

HAWS Adopters receive a $25 discount certificate for use towards this class or Basic Manners Level 1!


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