Clicker Time Tricks

​Welcome to HAWS Dog U’s Training Tricks class! If you are looking for a rewarding and stimulating class, then you are in the right place. These next six weeks will offer an exciting introduction to clicker training, and a curriculum filled with enriching tricks and important cues to teach your dog. Some of these tricks will serve to improve your dog’s basic manners, and others will challenge your dog to think outside of the box while developing a deeper relationship with you.

Maximum class size: 4 dogs​​
​You will need to purchase a clicker for this class. Clickers are available at your local pet store.

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Manners – Level 1, or other manners or obedience class (not a puppy class).
Recommended: Bait bag (available at class).

Front-clip harness required for class.
Cost: $100 for 6 week class, $127 for 6 week class and front-clip harness.

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