HAWS CARING KIDS - Supporting the HAWS' Cause!

Now, help us congratulate our 2019 Caring Kids!
(And check back often for updates…)

These Caring Kids held their birthday parties for HAWS!

Angelica Bann (10)
Reegan Darley (8)
Cash Hendrickson (8)
Kira Klein (8)
Madelynn Menna (13)
Owen Schweikart (8)
Lauren Steighner (11)

These Caring Kids did projects and fundraisers for HAWS!

(Supply-coin drives / babysitting / craft & treat sales / lemonade stands and so much more!)

  • The Brimmer Kids (6,6,11) made dog and cat toys
  • Aria & Claire Duncan (5,8) conducted a “duck race” at a family open house
  • Sam & Emilie Fuhr (14) sold lemonade, panted rocks & made dog items
  • Ella Hannes (12) collected cash donations from the community
  • Aria Roso (12) made a personal donation of pet goodies
  • Ava Schweikart (13) purchased treats with babysitting money and made homemade treats, plus she sold lemonade and painted rocks

Scout Troops & Schools & Groups donated to HAWS!

Lake Denoon Middle School/7th grade – lead by Alayna Herman (12)
Girl Scout Troop 4527, Hartland – led by Rachel Blankenship & Maddy Sayaovang (14)
Girl Scout Troop 10280, Menomonee Falls – led by Angie Bilstad (7)
Girl Scout Troop 11181, Sussex – Woodside Elementary School

Donate to HAWS Today!

General donations help us provide shelter 24/7 365 for lost, abandoned, unwanted or stray companion pets.
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