This time of year is always one of my favorites, because of its “warm and fuzzy” connection.

In years past, animal sheltering involved a large amount of heartache. Too many pets, not enough people; animals that came to us with little or no veterinary care from strictly outdoor, chained environments meant low adoption numbers with high intakes. Animal advocates that wanted something better often caved because of overpopulation issues. That is surely not the case anymore in Waukesha, and seldom in Wisconsin overall! The minimalist approach to pets and pet care still does exist to some degree, but we see much less neglect and abuse now here in our area.

HAWS’ programs in place to treat the medically treatable (Annie’s Fund); help the untrained, fractious surrenders and strays (Mod Squad); along with the reduction of overpopulation (SNIP clinic) and collaboration with community partners have allowed us to change lives, offer support and reach the first of the no-kill markers! A 90% or higher live placement rate, while still remaining open admission for our community’s homeless pets, once seemed impossible, but we are there, and have been for three years.

So, with that said, a WARM AND FUZZY thank you to our community, to the donors who support us, to the volunteers and staff on the front lines, and to the advocates and partners that have helped us move away from “status quo” into the amazing place we are! Thank you for the ongoing support – and the push when we needed it. Thank you from all the warm and fuzzy friends you have taken into your homes and thank you for the faith you have shown and continue to show in HAWS and our important work.

By the way…keep your “ears to the ground,” as HAWS rolls out our future plans to further embrace our community and guarantee a kind and secure home for animals into the future….

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