Ah spring – such a wonderful time of year. Everything is changing from subtle shades to bright and brilliant greens. April is full of transition and growth.

At HAWS it’s a time to open the shelter doors and let in the fresh air! Everyone is looking forward to time on vacation, to sunshine and short sleeved shirts. It is a time to plan and dream.

What do we dream about at HAWS? We dream about a community where everyone treats animals with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect; where this humane treatment is extended not only to animals but to people, too.

We carry out this mission in many ways:
•  Adopting out animals that need a home.
•  Rescuing and rehabilitating the animals we can.
•  Controlling population to prevent unwanted litters.
•  Educating our community on humane values.
•  Offering people an opportunity to not just learn these concepts but PRACTICE these skills in a safe environment.

HAWS is able to satisfy our dreams and merge them with the wishes of our donors through legacy giving. Legacy gifts are commonly from wills, estates, or beneficiary accounts such as 401Ks, life insurance or bank accounts. These funds come to us once an owner has passed away. These gifts make a profound impact on HAWS, mainly because they are not expected or worked into our budgets. The amounts vary widely. Some gifts we know about; members of HAWS’ Companion Circle have
let us know our animals are in their future. Other gifts are a complete surprise. These gifts not only allow us to do extraordinary things, these gifts allow us the opportunity to dream.

For more information about legacy giving, or HAWS’ Companion Circle, please contact Lynn Olenik at 262-542-8851, x110. You can also seek the guidance of your financial planner, personal attorney or the human resources department at your workplace.

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