HAWS' Wish List

HAWS’ Wish List contains things we use on a daily basis to keep our shelter running smoothly. The Featured Needs below will change when we have an urgent need, and items will be removed when we have an adequate supply. Please check this list often for updates! Please download the all-shelter WISHLIST_2016 here!

Featured Needs       Updated 3​/14/2016


General:  distilled water, pig’s ears

Cleaning products:  Windex, Disinfecting Wipes, Paper Towels, Swiffer-like DRY mop cloths

For Cats:  Grain-free food (dry & canned), Washable soft toys, Wand toys (pls. no feathers – don’t withstand washing), cat/kitten slicker brushes, fleece blankets (no-sew, sewn, quilted) size ~30″ x 26″

For Dogs:  PUPPY PADS, Large/Medium Rawhides (Made in the USA),  Plastic/rubber chew toys/squeaky toys

Dog Supplies

• Baby food meat varieties
• Branded dog treats
– Treatstik, Zukes, soft training treats
• Canned/dry dog food – any brand,
Grain-free preferred
• Large rawhide bones and chews
• Scat Mat
• Limited slip/martingale collars
• Kong Dog toys – Medium, Large, XL


• Kitten feeding bottles
• Heating pads (without auto shut off)
• Snuggle Safe Microwaveable
Heating Pad (Amazon Link)
• Dry kitten food
• Kitten formula: KMR,
other powdered varieties
• Cat litter: clay, unscented preferred
• Cat toys: glitter balls and plush balls
• Catnip: dried, fresh or purchased

Behavior Department/Training

• Lysol spray, Original formula
• Painter’s tape
• Wet Ones/baby wipes
• Hot dogs: All beef or turkey
• String cheese
• Baby food meat varieties:
• Happy Howie meat rolls
(available at End of the Leash)
• Large (3’ x 4’) whiteboards/markers

Small Animal Ward

• Small rugs
• Grass hay: timothy/orchard/meadow
• Vinegar – distilled, white
• Aspen bedding or kiln-dried pine: No regular pine or cedar bedding, please!
• Yesterday’s News litter, Carefresh, wood stove pellets
• Oxbow brand foods: Bunny Basics T, Regal Rat, Cavy Cuisine, etc.
• Rat/Mouse solid block food
• Wood House Timber Hideaway or Woodland Getaways (Med. & Lrg.)
• Fresh green leafy veggies: Parsley/cilantro/lettuce (no iceberg please)

Education Department

• Clorox Wipes
• Pupperoni dog treats, soft treats
• Washable Markers
• Paper towels (rolls)
• Kleenex
• Plastic forks
• Hand Sanitizer
• Dinner-sized paper plates (8” or larger)

General Supplies – Cleaning/Kennel/Office

• White AND colored copy paper
• Stamps – Forever stamps preferred
• Ziploc bags — all sizes
• Laundry: Liquid detergent/bleach/dryer sheets
• Paper products: toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex
• 6″ white paper plates
• Windex
• Clorox wipes
• Liquid handsoap, hand sanitizer
• Pens — ballpoint and gel

BOOOO-RING! We realize that many of the things we desperately need are not always the “fun” things, but they are truly important items! Things like soap and bleach are always needed to keep the animals healthy, and adoptions can’t happen without paper for the adoption records and certificates.

LOVIN’ FROM THE OVEN Interested in a baking project for HAWS? Download this recipe for Salmon Treats – our canine residents will love them!

“MADE IN CHINA”? In light of the many recent pet food/treat recalls, we respectfully request donations to HAWS do not contain “imported” ingredients or be made in China. Thank you for understanding as we try to keep our shelter animals safe!

Do you have a school class or group that would like to do a supply drive? Or maybe you have particular items you can secure for us? Feel free to call us at 262-542-8851 if you have any questions about our needs. We will be happy to give more detailed information – and discuss how we can work together for the animals. We’ll even post pictures of your group in action on our Facebook page, here on our website and in our quarterly Tattle Tails newsletter.

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